Monsters under the bed, everyone has them:

Unfortunately for Robert, his are a rowdy bunch and they keep him awake at night. With the aid of a night light and some soothing nature sounds to keep him company, a new world opens up, bringing new possibilities. When ocean waves are lapping gently against the side of his bed, he is surprised to find himself on a Viking longboat, though not quite as surprised as the Vikings. When he inadvertently helps to see off a Loki-Spawn, the Vikings claim him as their lucky charm.

By now, you might be thinking is this for me, it is, it’s for everyone. It’s about someone overcoming their fears and winning the day, it’s about escaping to new adventures and facing whatever comes at you. Because sometimes, all you need is a small person’s big imagination. Having a boat load of heavily armed Vikings helps as well.

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Excerpt 1:

Robert wiped the tears ands sea water from his bleary eyes and realised he was looking down the nostrils of a large dragon. The dragon’s nose was twitching, like a dog that can smell sausages, Robert held out the handkerchief for it to smell, the dragon went cross eyed slightly, its mouth snapped open and it took a great intake of breath. Behind Robert was the noise of an entire ship’s crew throwing themselves behind the least flammable object they could find: On a wooden boat, this didn’t leave many options and led to some brief but quite vicious altercations.

The dragon closed its mouth its desire to sneeze faded, Robert was sure it smiled. Then it sneezed with all the ferocity of a tornado made of fire. Luckily most of it went straight over Robert’s head but it hit the hanging sail full on, Robert was thrown to the decking as the ship hurtled away, the stern driving down deep into the water, a great bow wave of water pushing away from the boat. The dragon meanwhile hurtled backwards like a jet engine. Robert looked over the rail as the dragon sneezed again, with a kind of high pitched roar, again the beast rocketed backwards on a tongue of fire, its wings flapping up by its ears, by now it was quite some distance from the ship, both moving further and further away from each other.

Robert turned and looked down the length of the ship, there wasn’t much left above head height (well his head height, which wasn’t that high all things considered); what there was a lot of smoking charcoal, wisps of crisped rigging, and the vague outline of a sail.


Excerpt 2:

‘I will take your oath and your SunStone.’

The Djinn whirled around on the spot, then rolled towards Robert. He looked at him very closely, reached out a long finger and gently bopped him on the forehead. Robert’s head rocked back his eyes closed and there was a sensation of warm water washing over his body.

The Djinn moved back to Elwynn, ‘I will not tell you how to get there, or where it is, gold makes fools of men and their tongues, follow the boy, he will lead you to the Kemry.’

The Djinn grabbed the SunStone and erupted into this whirlwind of fire that twisted away and disappeared into the orchard. Leaves and petals billowing after him.

Everyone looked at Robert, Elwynn looked at his now empty hand and swore loudly.

Robert looked up and down the line of them.

‘What is that on his forehead?’ asked Thunor.

‘Let me see,’ said Elwynn, ‘There’s nothing there, a soot mark,’ and he tried to rub it off, which prompted an Ow from Robert.

‘No it glows, see.’ Thunor gripped the boys chin and moved his head. When he faced a particular direction the mark that had been left on his head glowed a bright fiery orange yellow, as he moved away it dimmed to almost nothing.

‘Bloody Djinn’s’  grumbled Elwynn, ‘That gentleman, is your way, point the boy in the right direction and keep going until you find what you are looking for. If you lose the boy, then that was that.’

(c) Copyright Paul Hodson – All Rights Reserved